15 OCTOBER 2022
VILLA CA’ CORNARO Romano d’Ezzelino (VI)
From 08.00 a.m. to 09:00 a.m.


Event open to all amateur and tourist categories regularly registered FCI, the E.P.S who have signed the agreement with the F.C.I. for the year 2022 and who present the Bike card together with the card of their body, the tandem.

Participation is subject to regular possession of the following requirement:

  • For the FCI and Sport promotion Agency athletes: sport medical certificate for competitive cycling races (certificates for other sports like triathlon, duathlon and track and field, ecc. are not valid);
  • For the subjects with Italian residence that are not registered on FCI or other Sport promotion Agency: fitness certificate to practice sport of particular high cardio commitment (like D.M. of 24th.04.2013), for these will be activated a daily FCI card for 10€;
  • For subjects of foreign residence: fitness certificate to participate in competitive cycling races issued by a doctor in your country of residence – as the downloadable format.

The possession of the sport card may be considered as an alternative to the verification of the possession of a regular and adequate certificate only in the case of a sports card bearing the DataHealth logo together with the expiry date of the certificate of fitness for competitive cycling.

The event is also open to all non-members for which will be activated a daily card of the FCI at a cost of 10.00 € for insurance coverage of “third-party” liability’. For the issue of the daily card it is necessary to present the competitive sports medical certificate.

This certificate must not be more than one year before the date of the event.


Electronic system via Chip mySdam. It will be marked with special signs, there will be checks during the departure route and on the climbs of Tisa, Rosina and Diesel Farm the three from which will be drawn up a final ranking with the proclamation of the King/ Queen of Rosina, the King/ Queen of Tisa and the King/Queen of the Diesel Farm.


Road traffic is open, therefore participants are required to comply with the rules of the road, the use of rigid protective helmet is mandatory, as far is not covered by this Regulation, Participants must comply with the provisions of the Organizers and comply with the FCI Regulation and the Implementing Rules San 2021.

The event will also take place in case of rain, unless authorized by the organization.


KING/QUEEN of the Mountains starting from 3.00 p.m.


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