19 OCTOBER 2024
From 09:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


Event open to all FCI members who have turned 17 in the calendar year. There are no limits to participation in the M8 category as long as you have a membership card or a medical certificate for the daily card.

Participation is also open to all members of Sports Promotion Bodies in possession of sporting medical fitness for competitive cycling that have signed an agreement with the F.C.I. for the year 2024; for other Eps, a Bike Card will be required together with the card of their body.

The event is also open to all non-member Italians and foreigners, for whom a one-day FCI membership card will be activated (cost borne by the member – card cost €10.00) for ‘third-party civil liability’ insurance cover during the event. For the issue of the daily card it is necessary to present the certificate of Competitive Fitness (cycling no other disciplines) ex DM 18/2/82.

The event is also open to all foreign cyclists in possession of the UCI license valid for the year 2024, issued by the National Cycling Federation, which must be presented together with a certificate of competitive sports fitness for cycling (no other disciplines!) in English, as per the form downloadable here Health-Certificate-SDR CERTIFICAT MEDICAL.

By contacting the Secretariat at it is possible to have the application form for a competitive medical examination to be submitted to the medical center, if requested by the same.

Participation is subject to regular possession of the following requirement:

  • For athletes who are members of the FCI or a sports promotion organisation: certificate of fitness for AGONISTICA cycling (certificates for other types of sport such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc. are not valid);
  • For peolple of Italian residence but not member with the FCI or Sports Promotion Bodies: certificate of suitability for the practice of AGONISTICA sports activities;

Only in the case of a sports card bearing the DataHealth logo together with the expiry date of the certificate of fitness for competitive cycling can the possession of a regular and appropriate certificate be considered as an alternative.


Road traffic is open, therefore participants are required to comply with the rules of the road, the use of rigid protective helmet is mandatory, as far is not covered by this Regulation, Participants must comply with the provisions of the Organizers and comply with the FCI Regulation and the Implementing Rules San 2021. The event will also take place in case of rain, unless authorized by the organization.


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